DNP CX-330 (Card printer) DEMO

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DNP CX-330 (Card printer) DEMO
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- Zeer professionele Pasjes Printer
- Nieuw prijs EUR 6000,-
The DNP CX-330 card printer is engineered for government agencies and other organisations to meet heightened safety and security requirements that drive demands for smart card and unconventional card-material photo IDs. The CX-330 card printer meets these requirements easily and cost-effectively with durable, high-quality cards.

Dye sublimation re-transfer printing
One-sided or two-sided printing
Edge-to-edge printing
Continuous-tone, full-colour, or black-and-white photos
Card types (CR-80 size):
USB 2.0 connectivity
Ethernet connectivity
Input hopper: 300 cards, 0.030 in. (0.76mm)
Output hopper: 100 cards, 0.030 in. (0.76mm)
YMCK ribbon (1,000 images)
YMCK-K ribbon (750 cards)
InTM re-transfer film (1,000 images)
1.0 mil Clear laminate patches(600 images)
1.0 mil Clear laminate patches for contact chip cards (600 images)
Generic hologram overlay (full card) (1,000 images)
Drivers are available till windows 7